Monday, February 05, 2007

WaPo, Fan Fic

"God, Inc" made it into an article in the Washington Post today, declaring a new breed of videos on Youtube: "Rules For Youtube: Make Art, Not Bore." What's interesting is that the article doesn't go into much detail about our show, instead assuming you've already seen it:

I know what you're thinking: "God, Inc.," "Learn to Speak Body" and "Le Grand Content"? I love those films, too!

That's what you're thinking. Washington Post says so. It's hard to describe what a weird feeling it is to read that - here I'm being treated like an established entity, and I was totally obscure when I was opening Christmas presents. While I haven't seen those other two videos, I have seen "Yacht Rock," a strange dramatization of the lives of soft rock superstars, which is mentioned in the article, and it's hilarious.

Also, we got our first example of fan fiction - a viewer who goes by Super Dachshund emailed me his thoughts on what Episode 6. "Deus Ex Machina," has in store. So here, courtesy of Super Dachshund, is "God, Inc, Episode 6:"

Austin is heading towards Piper's office. He's thinking, Shit! This is it. Time to go to the boss's office and get canned just like Charlie. Fuckin' company! The Big Guy's got no plan at all. Doesn't know what he's doing. He enters her office and politely closes the door behind him.

Austin: I uh, got your message.

Piper sits with her arms folded and scowling (as usual). Very long pause. They stare at each other. Finally. . .

Piper: Austin, we have a problem.

Austin: Well, y'know, I've been thinking

Piper: There's a war going on as you might know. The Pakistanis have invaded Canada. Now, normally this wouldn't be a problem but as it turns out it's a huge one. When I find out who's responsible . . .It seems no one bothered to pass this "great idea" through Population Control or Approvals

Austin: Oh shit.

Piper: You're damn right 'Oh shit!' We've got a war going on that is in no way part of His plan. The Big Guy is not too happy about this. He's approved a time shift. We're going to roll back to a week ago and replay all events leading up to this war. We need to prevent the war before it happens but we're stuck. We can't make the past events flow seamlessly to side step the invasion. We need an event that disrupts the current time line leading to the invasion. And that is where you come in. (Long pause) Austin, we need a miracle. Have it on my desk before 11 tomorrow.

Austin usually with eyes at half staff shows signs of life. His eyes pop. A miracle! Not some sappy, huggy, squeezy Hallmark moment but a no shit, 1777 Revolutionary War Fergusson/Washington miracle! He leaves her office with the first hint of a smile we've seen in the series. He's a man on a mission.


Austin has papers strewn about his office. Crumpled papers overflow his trash can. He finally has his opportunity but can't seem to get the proper inspiration. He's stuck. And then. . .it hits him. He's working furiously tapping out proposals, running simulations, and testing scenarios on his computer. Campy inspirational music in the background.

Gavin: Hey Austin, you coming? It's 8 o'clock.

Austin: No, sorry. Can't. I got a deadline tomorrow.

Gavin: Okay man. See ya tomorrow.

Austin continues to pound away on his computer eyes burning two holes in the monitor.

"MVP Award" is on the white board in blue marker with Piper looking moderately happy and everyone sitting in a rough circle. Austin has never looked more confident and at ease.

Piper: This week's MVP award goes to. . .Product Development for their new tundra mosquito!

Everyone except Austin claps. Keaton goes up to accept the trophy.

Austin: What the—

Piper: Your new tundra mosquito believe it or not, infected a Pakistani diplomat in Canada with encephalitis right before he was to announce the war. He was hospitalized and called away. In the meantime through secret channels Canada and Pakistan worked out their differences. Your mosquito averted a war!

Sarah: It's a miracle!

Austin (under his breath): You're damn right it's a miracle. It's MY miracle. Fuckin' unbelievable!

Piper: Oh and of course this changes the outcome of last week's Publicity figures. Amid, you win again.

Amid grins like a smart ass and Esther slams her notebook down.

Esther: Damn it!

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