Wednesday, May 30, 2007

YouTube Video Update

Hey guys - so the YouTube technical difficulties have finally been cleared. Here's the video update I've been waiting to post:

Friday, May 25, 2007

The One Where Frank Gives An Update On Pitching

Almost done pitching to TV networks. It's basically me, Stee Falk, who plays Austin, and Tim Gibbons, an executive producer from "Curb Your Enthusiasm". Every network has a waiting area with big wall-sized posters of their shows staring down at you. Stee suggested we pitch Fox a half-hour show called "12" ("It all takes place over one half of a day...") I suggested we pitch BBC a British version of the American version of the British version of "The Office."

I filmed my first "vlog" for YouTube, talking about what's happening with "God, Inc". I haven't posted anything on YT since the last episode months ago, and I'm hoping I haven't completely lost all my audience. But I've been waiting to post it because recently YouTube introduced their revenue share program, and things seem to be slow in getting set up. As soon as my account is working properly, I'll post the update. And there are several more videos on the horizon - good stuff. Stay tuned...