Friday, November 11, 2005

More Political Crap

Thank A Republican

Actually, that title isn't just an sarcastic ploy to get your attention, like "Free Sex" or "Punch The Kangaroo And Win A Free Laptop". Not just any Republican, obviously - that would be reckless - I'm referring to 22 Republicans in the House of Representatives. I'm still reeling with the news that the House - the House - blocked the budget bill provision for drilling in the Arctic refuge.

People who follow environmental politics are deeply masochistic. We crave mind-numbing repetition of dour reports, and we get it very reliably these days. Reading Google News or The Grist is like burrowing a dull plastic knife into my wrist wondering if today maybe the skin will break.

So yesterday, I responded to the news of the Republican-led coalition to save ANWR like the peaceful Pod People suddenly freed from slavery to the evil Skeksis, staring around and blinking dumbly in the sunlight.

All 202 Dems, under House Minority Leader Pelosi, held fast - which is also extremely commendable. But in these screamingly partisan times, the fact that 22 Republicans, led by Rep. Charles Bass (NH), formed a coalition to support the wishes of a majority of Americans is a startling show of courage and ethics. You can thank them here.

On a side note, did you ever notice how it's always the same photo of the Arctic Refuge that they use in every news article? I wonder if those nine musk ox are getting any royalties...

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