Saturday, October 29, 2005

Halloween Viewing

My Halloween film fest for 2005:

1. Cat People: Coquettish Simone Simon finds her new marriage threatened by her latent feline tendancies. New DVD has a great commentary track. Her Serbian name sounds strangely like "Purina".

2. Curse of the Cat People: Sequel directed by Robert Wise. Came on the same DVD.

3. The Gate: Child actor Stephen Dorff finds a gateway to hell in his backyard. Unleashes claymation monsters. The last time I saw this was in the theatres when I was 14 years old. Directed by the great Tibor Takacs, who went on to direct such classics as "Mansquito" and "The Gate II".

4. Bride of Frankenstein: Never seen it, even though many say it's better than the original. Too bad I can't pair it with "Bride of Cat People". Or "Bride of The Gate".

5. Wicker Man: Christopher Lee. Scottish scenery. Pagan society. Wicked.

Also, look for the classic "Night of the Hunter" in theatres in its limited re-release. Mitchum as a homocidal preacher. Weird, spooky, campy, blasphemous genius. You can't believe this really played in theatres in the 1950's. About to get the royal treatment in a new DVD release. I'm already buying it. I can't stop myself. My... hands... Help! Run! They're already here! You're next!

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Anonymous Andy said...

"Night of The Hunter" is sublime -- ruined only by the remembered voice of my college film teacher, constantly pointing out the use of light, shadow, motif and everything else. I saw a commercial for "Wickerman" when I was little, and I'm still too scared to watch it.

That's me in a nutshell.

6:09 AM  
Anonymous Dominic said...

"Night of the Hunter" is playing at the Music Box for those here in Chicago.

I love "The Wicker Man" more as a satire than as a horror film.

Thanks for reminding be about "The Gate"!

7:02 AM  
Blogger Francis said...

You... been... BAD!

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Dominic said...

See now I'm going to have to rent it just to see that scene again.

What was the name written on the rocket again?

2:44 PM  
Blogger JudgeG said...

The Gate.. excellent.

Halloween is my FAVORITE day too.

My fave horror flick is the original The Thing. Ok, its sci-fi, but it creeped the hell out of me as a kid. That and any campy Vincent Price movies...

You ever read any Lovecraft F-man?

6:44 AM  
Blogger Francis said...

Tried once when I was a kid. Not very familiar with him. Saw "Reanimator" and "From Beyond", of course.

10:51 AM  

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