Sunday, October 30, 2005

Regime Change

I am now officially an independent entity. Well, not literally, but I now have masking so I can appear as independent, when in reality I'm a cowering little bitch to the Blogger monolith. But, to the casual observer, I will appear as Master of my Domain.

My official domain is henceforth: If you type it in, you'll get here. Try it. See? Still here. On that token, my email is now I like to hear my name echoing insanely in my head.

So, enjoy the new path to the waterfall. Much easier to type in an address bar. And write on small scraps of paper. And start a whisper campaign. And tattoo on your arm. And scream at the president. And name your child.

The Future Is Now.

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Blogger Urban Bella said...


Francis Stokes.

Francis Stokes dot com.


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