Thursday, October 13, 2005

Two Weeks

My dad just moved to Hawaii and he hired an interior decorator for his new apartment. "I think he might swing the other way," my dad warned. But he became very friendly with this guy who was one of the first people he met in his new home. "He does have a certain joie de vivre."

Anyway, he just found out that doctors gave this man two weeks to live. Apparently he has a brain tumor. A month ago, he was diagnosed. A week ago, the doctors tried to remove it and declared it inoperable. Last night, he threw a party. What are you gonna do?

If I look back over the past two weeks, I think I spent about 75% of it on the phone with customer service. My cable TV, my computer, my printer, my cell phone, my bank. There were very few moments worthy of the last two weeks of existence. A few stolen hours with my girlfriend when we both were home and undistracted. Tuesday night with a group of friends out for sushi, that ended badly for those sitting near us at a Mexican restaurant where we drank margaritas and sang Christmas carols. Once or twice when I walked my dog Hoover and the weather was perfect.

Two weeks. Starting... now.

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Anonymous Pirate Wench said...

Interesting gauntlet you've thrown down there. I may just have to pick it up. Altho' not 100% in earnest because, in real life, I'll not be quitting my job.

1:10 PM  

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