Wednesday, October 05, 2005

100 Inanimate Objects

I used to draw all the time. As a kid, I was the one sitting on the edge of the playground with a sketchbook. When I finally ventured out on the playground, I broke my leg. Body cast. True story. Anyway, back then, when I was asked what I wanted to do when I grow up, I said I was going to be a Disney animator.

I'm kind of glad that didn't happen. But I do regret letting my artistic skills slide. By college I was focused on words instead of pictures. Images I captured with a lens. Well, I'm back to drawing again. Lamenting that I feel terribly out of my league, when I look at the artists I admire - my favorite is the style of indie comic book illustrators Daniel Clowes and Adrian Tomine - my friend Dom suggested I draw 100 household objects in 100 days. By the end, he said, you'll have to improve at least somewhat.

So this is the beginning of my '100 objects' series. I'll even do my best to draw one picture a day, barring trips, schedule permitting, etc. Hope you enjoy my experiment in self-betterment. Collect them all and win a free house!*

* (House not included)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the breaking new ground posts on your blog-The "fears" profile in particular.

I had forgotten the playground story.

Looking forward to checking the site out on a regular basis.


2:26 PM  
Anonymous Pirate Wench said...

Can readers request what objects you draw?

8:37 AM  
Blogger Francis said...

That's an interesting suggestion. Particularly coming from a pirate wench. Who has access to the Internet.

The problem is that I'm drawing stuff I have around the house - not, say, from a picture. I feel like that makes a difference - that "still lifes" are supposed to be real objects you can observe casting shadows and such.

But go ahead and make a request - maybe I can scrounge it up.

11:11 AM  

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