Friday, October 28, 2005

Rattling The Cage

I added two new links to my side bar, in honor of my trip to the capital of this great nation. One says write your representative, and one says write your senator. The first one is so you can write your representative, and the second one is so you can write your senator.

They provide an email template that makes the whole process take about ten seconds. To illustrate, here's a letter I sent my representative, based on a story discussed on kohlville:

I am writing to you about Armed Forces Radio, which broadcasts to our servicepeople in 175 countries (including Iraq), and is programmed with a certain amount of talk radio content. 65 hours a week is conservative talk radio. Zero hours a week is liberal or progressive radio.

I can only imagine how demoralizing this is for our troops with progressive views, who must already feel like a minority. If I were drafted into a war, hearing Rush Limbaugh on the radio would definitely rub salt in my (possibly literal) wounds.

Francis Stokes

P.S. - I stopped by your office for a visitor's pass to sit in on Congress last week - thanks to your friendly staff.

It's that easy. You don't even have to include that last part, unless you also visited their office last week. So, whenever something concerns you, don't go searching the web for a petition - just click here. Remember, you're their boss. Be a micro-manager.

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Rage on, patriot!

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