Monday, March 06, 2006

Where Has The Party Gone?

All the hilarity, insight, pathos, laughter, tears, and deep, rich meaning that you associate with this fine blog seem to have vanished. What happened? Where have all the flowers gone?

They haven't died. No, friend - the flowers are alive. They've gone to I've been working on a new blog, which the past few entries were rough prototypes for - a blog on the environment. But, I promise, it's not dry and boring (like some of the past few entries, for example). Please come visit - it's my attempt to make the experience of following environmental politics, as I've been doing for years now, a little less dreary and soul-draining.

While I get the hang of it, you'll see much fewer posts here in the near future. I'm trying to get into a regular routine of posting on Sludgie. This site will be reserved for random thoughts, side projects, haikus, etc.

But if you're interested in reading about the many ways we're gunking up our planet, and what, if anything, we might do about it, you'll like the new site. Let me know what you think.

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